Messy play – water

I’m still trying to catch up on those blog posts that I’ve planned while being on holiday. Seems like life is happening too fast at the moment and I’m trying to prioritize my long to do list. Making healthy food from scratch for my family is very high up, but also takes up a lot of my time. Then I have to fit in a couple of hours each day of “real” work as I’ve started working again in my old job. I love being back at work, but gone are all those hours during my daughters nap times which I was able to use for all sorts of things. I’m also very keen to get the garden organized for hopefully a very productive Summer season of growing our own veggies. And we’re in the process of getting our bathroom renovated, plus renovate the kids room for the little one ourselves. Oh yes, and then hubby comes along and says: “I’d really like to go tramping again next weekend.”

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Flying with a baby

It has been rather quiet on this blog for the last couple of months. Many of you know that this is because our little family has been to Germany to visit family and friends and introduce our daughter to everyone. We had a great time in Germany (more on this in another post) but were also very busy and I didn’t feel like taking away precious time with our families. I did however think about a couple of topics I could write about once we’re back. One of them is about our experience flying with a 10/11 month old baby.

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Easter getaway and heuristic play

Happy Easter everyone! We’ve been making the most of the long weekend by going away to a friends holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. We love coming here, as it is home away from home. We don’t have to pack much besides food as the house is stocked with everything that’s needed – even some baby gear. Therefore I didn’t pack many toys for our little one and still haven’t unpacked them yet.

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Mum life with a teething baby

I’m certainly not one of those professional bloggers who have their blog posts planned in advance. Quite the contrary. At the moment I usually wrack my brain on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as to what I could post on Sunday. And you know what, this week I just couldn’t come up with anything. Add to that a very busy weekend trying to get stuff sorted around the house and a teething baby who won’t play by herself for more then 5 minutes at a time.

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Overnight tramping trip

One of my husbands and my passion that we developed since coming to New Zealand is tramping. This country is just simply beautiful and you get to see the best parts of it once you start tramping in the bush. We prefer going on multi-day hikes using the extensive network of huts from the Department of Conservation (DOC).

The last time we did a 3 day hike was on Christmas 2015 when we did the Rakiura track which is the Great Walk on Stewart Island. Unfortunately it wasn’t an enjoyable walk for me as I was pregnant in my first trimester, feeling weak, tired and nauseous. My husband ended up carrying all our gear and I still just managed to trudge along. Mental note: don’t ever attempt a multi-day hike again during your first trimester.

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Sensory basket

My little one and I go to a parenting program called SPACE which is mainly for first time parents. Through this program we have been making great friends and I’ve been learning lots of new things including English nursery rhymes and songs.

At SPACE we often make toys for our little ones from household items and I’ve used some of those ideas already to make something similar but using items from my garden.

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to sensory baskets at SPACE and lots of mums including me loved the idea of recreating something similar at home for our little ones. I’ve seen great sensory baskets at our friend’s homes already so of course I also wanted to make one for my daughter.

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