After all the holiday craziness it’s been really nice to get back into a good routine with my little one. Even though we have been out and about meeting friends, going swimming and so on we’ve also been at home a lot more and started a nice morning routine.

We usually get up with my husband and have breakfast together while our daughter plays happily – most of the time – if we don’t fall asleep again after the alarm has rang and if the little one isn’t tired again already or teething or … After hubby has gone to work I usually put the washing on (we use cloth nappies which means that I do a load of washing each day) and then I pop the little one in my ring sling and we bring our chickens some fresh water and check on the veggie garden. I’m currently waiting impatiently for my zucchinis to grow to a decent size so I can make zucchini puree for the little one. Unfortunately they are taking their time.


After we’ve been in the garden it’s often time for a morning nap already. Most of the time my daughter has a nice long two hour nap in bed, but some days like today this just doesn’t happen so I take her in the carrier which gives me the freedom to still do stuff around the house while she is sleeping snuggled close to me.


Being home a lot more also means lots of independent play time for my little one. For this I pop her on the blanket that we have set up in the kitchen and in the lounge and put two or three different types of toys close to her – close enough so she can reach, but not too close as I want to encourage movement. Our daughter does have lots of toys already, but they are mainly stuffed animals. Therefore I decided to make her a new toy this week.

On different blogs I have seen lots of ideas for home made rattles and as my little one hasn’t got lots of musical toys yet I made a rattle for her this week using a plastic bottle and some wood bark from the garden. Unfortunately I didn’t have a clear plastic bottle, but as it’s more about the sound it doesn’t matter too much. As I couldn’t get the glue from the label off I decorated the bottle with some colourful wrapping paper. The wood bark makes a dulled sound but you could also fill the bottle with dried beans or stones or change the filling once in a while for different sounds. The possibilities here are endless…


Of course my daughter decided to use the bottle in a totally different way – at least for now. Because her teeth are often bothering her at the moment she puts everything she can get hold off into her mouth to chomp on. I have to say though that the bottle top seems to be perfect for this purpose. I also recommend that you use a smaller or at least thinner bottle as I did, as my daughter has trouble holding on to it with her little fingers. Do remember to tighten the bottle cap or even put some tape around it so you can be sure your little one won’t be able to open it. This step is really important as you will be filling the bottle with items that are potential choking hazards.

Even though my daughter hasn’t discovered yet that the bottle isn’t just tasty but also makes some noise, I will keep on offering it to her so she can explore it in her own time.


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