Trial camping trip

Two weekends ago we celebrated our little ones 6 month / half year birthday. Can anyone tell me how it’s possible that it has been half a year already since the birth of our daughter?? Time really flies! I have been thinking quite a lot about how our birth was, due to reading other peoples birth stories, and I’m still really happy about the choices we were able to make (having a home birth). It would be a little off topic for this blog, but perhaps one day I’ll tell you a little more about our birth story as I think it’s been a beautiful one.

Back to our little ones half birthday though. My husband has wanted to go camping for a while already but we weren’t quite sure how that would work out. Therefore we decided to use the long weekend to go to our friend’s holiday house in Anakiwa and take the tent with us. Initially the plan was to walk 3km and camp at a camp ground on the Queen Charlotte Track, but that would have meant that we needed to prepared in regards to food. We also don’t have a nice and comfy air mattress and I certainly wasn’t ready to sleep on one of those thin thermal mattresses. Therefore we decided that it would be good enough for our trial camping trip to pitch the tent in the garden of the holiday house. This way we could sleep in it but could also spend our days in the holiday house, using the kitchen and bathroom. And if everything would have went pear-shaped we could have always moved from the tent into the house in the middle of the night.


To our surprise it actually went really great. Our little one slept like she always does at home – meaning she woke her usual two or three times a night – and didn’t seem to mind that she was in a tent at all. I do believe though that it helped that she’s used to sleeping with us in our bed and that we had the same set up in the tent – including nice thick foam mattresses. So for her it probably wasn’t any different from sleeping at home with mum and dad. We also didn’t put her down on her own before we went to bed but instead took her in the carrier when she got tired in the evening and then transferred her when we were ready to go to bed.


On the day of our daughter’s half birthday we did go for a walk to the camp ground we intended to stay on and had a picnic there. My husband also took some fun photos with half a muffin and half a candle – not for the little one but for us.



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