Sensory basket

My little one and I go to a parenting program called SPACE which is mainly for first time parents. Through this program we have been making great friends and I’ve been learning lots of new things including English nursery rhymes and songs.

At SPACE we often make toys for our little ones from household items and I’ve used some of those ideas already to make something similar but using items from my garden.

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to sensory baskets at SPACE and lots of mums including me loved the idea of recreating something similar at home for our little ones. I’ve seen great sensory baskets at our friend’s homes already so of course I also wanted to make one for my daughter.


The idea of a sensory basket is to offer your little one a great variety of forms, textures and sounds for her to explore. If you put everything in a shallow basket your little one can easily reach all objects even if they can’t sit yet and play on their tummy like my little one does.

To fill my sensory basket I simply went through my kitchen drawers looking for items I don’t use much and could be of interest, then I added a few things from my craft room, a few more items from the garden and some sensory toys that we’ve made at SPACE previously. Another great idea that one of our friends had is to go and visit an OP shop (second hand shop for those not living in New Zealand) and get interesting items from there. I bought our basket from an OP shop as I didn’t have a suitable one at home.

Needless to say that my daughter loves exploring her sensory basket. At the moment she prefers all chewable items as her front teeth are just breaking through. Perhaps next week it’s time for another teething idea…


Here are all items that I put in our sensory basket – so far – to give you some ideas and get you started:

spatula, measuring cup, plastic cup, plastic cookie cutter, clothes peg, a piece of fur from a rabbit, ball of wool, large crochet hook, pine cone, bag of stones, bottle caps on a elastic string, bottle filled with dried beans, bottle filled with wood bark, bottle filled with coloured water and glitter



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