Teething hedgehog

Our little ones teething has gotten gradually worse during the last weeks and we’ve been seeing a tiny white speck for a while now. Yesterday we noticed that it’s not just a speck any more but that both bottom front teeth are really coming up now and we could see and feel little bulges! That means it’s definitely time for a new teething toy.

A couple of years ago when lots of our friends in Germany had babies I found this great crochet pattern for a teething toy called “hedgehog taggie” on Chi Wei’s blog One dog woof. I loved how simple the pattern was and how cute the finished hedgehog taggie looked.

Last week I remembered the hedgehog taggie and decided to make one for my little one this time. And Chi Wei was happy for me to give you the link to the pattern on her blog if someone is keen to give it a go: hedgehog taggie.


My little one certainly loves to play with it – especially as there are tags on the hedgehog and which baby can resist those tags -, however she hasn’t really been chewing on it. Perhaps because it is a little too soft and won’t give her the much needed relief from the teething pain.


Because I know that some of you guys reading this have got teething babies as well I thought I’d share some of those things that seem to be working for our little one.

We find that the best teething relief ever is frozen cucumber! I usually cut up the cucumber in little pieces and once frozen put them in our silicone feeder for our little one to chomp on. I guess pretty much all different kinds of frozen veggies and fruit will work but for us cucumber is the winner.


Second best would be just chewing on her sippy cup closely followed by chewing on drinking glasses.

Remember that I made my little one a sensory basket the other week? A few of the items I put in there seem to be great as a teething relief as well.



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