Overnight tramping trip

One of my husbands and my passion that we developed since coming to New Zealand is tramping. This country is just simply beautiful and you get to see the best parts of it once you start tramping in the bush. We prefer going on multi-day hikes using the extensive network of huts from the Department of Conservation (DOC).

The last time we did a 3 day hike was on Christmas 2015 when we did the Rakiura track which is the Great Walk on Stewart Island. Unfortunately it wasn’t an enjoyable walk for me as I was pregnant in my first trimester, feeling weak, tired and nauseous. My husband ended up carrying all our gear and I still just managed to trudge along. Mental note: don’t ever attempt a multi-day hike again during your first trimester.

2017-03-04 17.53.22

Since then we haven’t really been tramping – also due to me breaking my ankle last May. But my ankle is slowly getting better and my husband was itching to get back into the bush and introduce our little one to some of those huts. Last weekend we decided to drive out to Cobb Valley to do a little hike to a cute wee hut- where surely no one else will be staying. It was meant to be just 5.4kms on very flat terrain to give me the chance of getting used to it again. However, as we got to “our” hut (Chaffey hut) we found a dad with his two young daughters who were almost heading to bed already – we had a late start and it was almost sunset by the time we got to the hut – so we couldn’t really pull our “baby card” but decided to keep going. Luckily there is another shelter, which is a mix between a tent and a hut called “tent camp”, about another hour from Chaffey hut. We made it to tent camp just when it was getting dark and were surprised that the camp was actually really cozy due to it being done up in 2014.

2017-03-04 18.57.41

Our little one had done really great so far, meaning she’s slept throughout the 2 hour long car ride and after a bit of awake time during the first part of the hike she went back to sleep for another two hours in the carrier. We thought that she would be wide awake and happy for a bit now while we cook and eat dinner, but oh no she was not very happy, mainly due to a runny nose. So after dinner and a bit of singing in front of the fire we asked our friends, who dared to come with us, if we could please all get ready for bed. This meant squeezing 5 adults and a baby onto 3 hut mattresses – at least we didn’t get cold!


I’m not going to lie though. It was a horrible night as our little one was waking up every two hours screaming her head off which she usually doesn’t do at home – the screaming part that is, the waking part is quite normal at the moment. My resolution: I’m certainly not going on an overnight hike again until she sleeps through the night!

2017-03-05 10.42.26

Walking back out the next day was quite testing for my ankle, but at least the little one slept through most of the hike again.


It certainly was an interesting experience but I’m not quite sure if our little one got much out of it as she was sleeping most of the time while we walked and not much during the night. We might just wait another year or so before we try this again…


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