Mum life with a teething baby

I’m certainly not one of those professional bloggers who have their blog posts planned in advance. Quite the contrary. At the moment I usually wrack my brain on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays as to what I could post on Sunday. And you know what, this week I just couldn’t come up with anything. Add to that a very busy weekend trying to get stuff sorted around the house and a teething baby who won’t play by herself for more then 5 minutes at a time.

I was told that after the bottom teeth have broken through, which has been the case for our little one, there will be a break before it starts all over again. But no, no break for us. We’ve gone from bottom teeth breaking through to top teeth making their way down. A tiny white spot can be seen already, not that this means it’ll be over soon, it might take weeks for those teeth to actually break through.

2017-03-08 11.20.20

This means long days with lots of comforting and carrying – I’m glad I’ve got my sling and wrap – and even longer nights with lots of waking.

I would love to tell you about a great teething solution, but we’re just getting by with our frozen cucumber, lots of cuddles and breastfeeding until my nipples are sore even though I’m using a nipple shield.

I should probably try to get some more sleep while the little one is sleeping too, but I decided that I prefer to have a shower, write this post and postpone sleep until the afternoon when my daughter is hopefully having another nap.


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