Hide and seek those toys

The last weeks have been pretty rough in this house with lots of wake ups during the night and shorter day naps which didn’t give me much chance to catch up on sleep. However, it’s slowly starting to get better now and at the same time I notice lots of changes for our little girl.

Up until now she hasn’t been eating too much – solids that is. Just a couple of spoonfuls in the morning and at night. A few days ago though she started eating heaps and it actually caught me a bit off guard – still is, to be honest. She’s demanding solids now after every breastfeed and whenever she sees us eating and she gobbles down so much that I’ve often got an empty plate and a complaining child until I find some more food for her.

At the same time when the eating started she also discovered how to move forwards. She’s not crawling yet – not long though – but she is successfully wriggling forward on her tummy. Nothing which catches her eye is safe any more and it’s a good thing that I’ve finished painting our new smaller kitchen table giving us space for a safe play area in the kitchen.

2017-04-02 17.39.39

Play time alone on the floor has been a bit tricky too in the last weeks before she figured out how to move forward. All her toys were boring and didn’t occupy her for long. At our parenting program Space we recently talked about object permanence and how babies at this age know that an object like a toy is still there even if it is hidden. This gave me the idea of hiding some of our little ones toys. I just used a few plastic containers that I had sitting in my pantry and started putting toys under them. What a success! Toys that weren’t very interesting before now got very interesting again. Turning over the plastic containers, chewing on the containers and lids, moving the containers around. My little girl was quite busy again all of a sudden.

2017-03-23 19.56.06

I was thinking that it would be quite nice to have some wooden bowls, woven baskets or something more natural to hide the toys under, but I guess that has to wait until my next trip to the OP shops.

2017-03-23 19.55.01


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