Easter getaway and heuristic play

Happy Easter everyone! We’ve been making the most of the long weekend by going away to a friends holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. We love coming here, as it is home away from home. We don’t have to pack much besides food as the house is stocked with everything that’s needed – even some baby gear. Therefore I didn’t pack many toys for our little one and still haven’t unpacked them yet.

Because there are not many toys suitable for babies in the house – enough though to keep our little one occupied for some time – I wanted to try out heuristic play with our little one.

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to heuristic play at our Space playgroup and I really like the idea of it. Heuristic play describes the activity of babies and children as they play with and explore the properties of ‘objects’. These ‘objects’ are things from the real world. This means that you don’t actually need lots of toys, but you just let your baby play with suitable objects that you have anyway.


This is perfect for going on holiday, when you don’t want to carry heaps of toys around with you. Just have a good look through the kitchen cupboard and give your child things like bowls, colander, spatula, brush etc.


Our little one is certainly as happy with those “toys” as she is with her normal toys and can entertain herself for long stretches. Perfect when mum and dad want to get some rest as well!




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