My name is Elisabeth and I hold a Diploma in Social Work and Social Pedagogy. During my studies I was mostly interested in different ways of learning for pre-school children. I first got introduced to a concept called “learning workshop” while I worked in a kindergarten in Germany and soon got very much involved with the development of this new concept. At the end of my studies I even wrote my diploma thesis on the topic. I am very passionate about giving children the possibility to learn at their own pace, but also offering them interesting educational toys. These toys can be very simple and basically come from your own backyard – hence the name “My Backyard Toys”.

Seven years ago my husband and I moved from Germany to New Zealand and we now live in beautiful Nelson. We just recently bought our own house with a big garden and I hope to get lots of inspiration from it. Especially as our daughter was born recently and I am looking forward to watching her learn at her own pace with great simple toys from our backyard.

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Me while still pregnant with our daughter.