Flying with a baby

It has been rather quiet on this blog for the last couple of months. Many of you know that this is because our little family has been to Germany to visit family and friends and introduce our daughter to everyone. We had a great time in Germany (more on this in another post) but were also very busy and I didn’t feel like taking away precious time with our families. I did however think about a couple of topics I could write about once we’re back. One of them is about our experience flying with a 10/11 month old baby.

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Water, sand and rock

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend away in Golden Bay with friends. It was a great opportunity to let our little one experience nature again. We went to the beach with her and spent half a day rock climbing while she kept on stuffing dirt and leaves in her mouth.

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Overnight tramping trip

One of my husbands and my passion that we developed since coming to New Zealand is tramping. This country is just simply beautiful and you get to see the best parts of it once you start tramping in the bush. We prefer going on multi-day hikes using the extensive network of huts from the Department of Conservation (DOC).

The last time we did a 3 day hike was on Christmas 2015 when we did the Rakiura track which is the Great Walk on Stewart Island. Unfortunately it wasn’t an enjoyable walk for me as I was pregnant in my first trimester, feeling weak, tired and nauseous. My husband ended up carrying all our gear and I still just managed to trudge along. Mental note: don’t ever attempt a multi-day hike again during your first trimester.

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Trial camping trip

Two weekends ago we celebrated our little ones 6 month / half year birthday. Can anyone tell me how it’s possible that it has been half a year already since the birth of our daughter?? Time really flies! I have been thinking quite a lot about how our birth was, due to reading other peoples birth stories, and I’m still really happy about the choices we were able to make (having a home birth). It would be a little off topic for this blog, but perhaps one day I’ll tell you a little more about our birth story as I think it’s been a beautiful one.

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