Messy play – water

I’m still trying to catch up on those blog posts that I’ve planned while being on holiday. Seems like life is happening too fast at the moment and I’m trying to prioritize my long to do list. Making healthy food from scratch for my family is very high up, but also takes up a lot of my time. Then I have to fit in a couple of hours each day of “real” work as I’ve started working again in my old job. I love being back at work, but gone are all those hours during my daughters nap times which I was able to use for all sorts of things. I’m also very keen to get the garden organized for hopefully a very productive Summer season of growing our own veggies. And we’re in the process of getting our bathroom renovated, plus renovate the kids room for the little one ourselves. Oh yes, and then hubby comes along and says: “I’d really like to go tramping again next weekend.”

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Water, sand and rock

A couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend away in Golden Bay with friends. It was a great opportunity to let our little one experience nature again. We went to the beach with her and spent half a day rock climbing while she kept on stuffing dirt and leaves in her mouth.

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Sensory basket

My little one and I go to a parenting program called SPACE which is mainly for first time parents. Through this program we have been making great friends and I’ve been learning lots of new things including English nursery rhymes and songs.

At SPACE we often make toys for our little ones from household items and I’ve used some of those ideas already to make something similar but using items from my garden.

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to sensory baskets at SPACE and lots of mums including me loved the idea of recreating something similar at home for our little ones. I’ve seen great sensory baskets at our friend’s homes already so of course I also wanted to make one for my daughter.

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Feeling sand, water and grass

I think this is the first time ever in my life that I have been looking forward to the end of the holidays. Well, it’s also been our first holiday with our little one and that meant that we didn’t have much of a routine and there were lots of late nights chatting away to our visitors. We did enjoy this first holiday and our daughter was more than happy about all the extra attention, but it has been great to get back to a routine this week and to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Toe toe sensory activity

This weekend we are relaxing in the Marlborough Sounds at a friends holiday house (he calls it a bach but we call it a mansion) before the craziness of Christmas will hit us. As I’m typing this post, I’m enjoying the quiet morning after I’ve fed my little girl and tucked her back into bed with her dad. The sun is peeking through some clouds and is making the water of the sea sparkle. I’m feeling very grateful right now that we can live in this beautiful country!

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Apple tree

It is only about half a year ago that we bought our first house. One of the reasons why we fell in love with this place is the pretty big backyard including a massive apple tree. Even though the apples didn’t look like much – they were very small and green – they actually tasted delicious and I’m already looking forward to autumn when our tree will be full of apples again.

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Kicking leaves

While I am writing this post I’m enjoying a bit of Sunday morning bliss. I just had a long hot shower, plugged one of my eyebrows (the other one might just have to wait until next Sunday) and now I’m sipping my first cup of herbal coffee since becoming pregnant (unfortunately I couldn’t stand the smell of the coffee while pregnant). And all of this while hubby and our little one are still snuggled up in bed.

Last week my daughter has started using her legs and feet a lot more then she used to! She is not only kicking away like crazy, but actually pushes herself off the ground with one foot. On Friday morning she started off lying on her blanket and then worked her way around 90 degrees until her little bum was off the blanket completely. I’m afraid that those times when I can just lie her on a blanket and know she’ll stay there might be over soon.

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Flower play gym

Wow, how exciting! This is my first ever blog post. So far I haven’t really been into the whole social media world, except for a little Facebook here and there and reading some interesting blogs, but I guess this might change now…

I got this idea of starting a blog a number of years ago, while my husband and I were hiking in one of the beautiful valleys of New Zealand. I was looking for a way how to share my knowledge and passion about “learning workshops” for children as I’ve got to know them during my studies in Germany. Because I’m not really into the whole writing heaps of stuff (I always start journals and stop after one or two pages because I just don’t feel like writing more) it took me a couple of years to actually start this whole blogging thing. But here I am and let’s hope this won’t be my first and last post ever!

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