Easter getaway and heuristic play

Happy Easter everyone! We’ve been making the most of the long weekend by going away to a friends holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. We love coming here, as it is home away from home. We don’t have to pack much besides food as the house is stocked with everything that’s needed – even some baby gear. Therefore I didn’t pack many toys for our little one and still haven’t unpacked them yet.

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Hide and seek those toys

The last weeks have been pretty rough in this house with lots of wake ups during the night and shorter day naps which didn’t give me much chance to catch up on sleep. However, it’s slowly starting to get better now and at the same time I notice lots of changes for our little girl.

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Sensory basket

My little one and I go to a parenting program called SPACE which is mainly for first time parents. Through this program we have been making great friends and I’ve been learning lots of new things including English nursery rhymes and songs.

At SPACE we often make toys for our little ones from household items and I’ve used some of those ideas already to make something similar but using items from my garden.

A couple of weeks ago we were introduced to sensory baskets at SPACE and lots of mums including me loved the idea of recreating something similar at home for our little ones. I’ve seen great sensory baskets at our friend’s homes already so of course I also wanted to make one for my daughter.

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Shells on a string

Only two more weeks until Christmas and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier every day as it’s supposed to in our part of the hemisphere. Except for yesterday when the weather couldn’t quite decide what to do. If you looked towards the sea the sky was a stunning blue but if you looked towards the mountains it was black with rain clouds. At least this way it felt a little more like our traditional cold Christmas that we are used to from Germany.

Even after 7 years in New Zealand I’m still not quite used to warm weather at Christmas and every year I’m relying on cold and rainy days during December to get me in a bit more of a Christmas-like mood. I do like Summer though – a lot – and I’m looking forward to long days, BBQs and visits to the beach.

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Beetroot water pad

After we’ve had such warm sunny weather recently it feels sort of depressing that it’s raining flat out. It’s quite cold too and I’m somewhat tempted to light our fire again, but it feels a bit wrong given that it is November. Well, I guess we’ll just put another layer on and cuddle on the sofa under a blanket. That should keep us warm enough.

Because of the rain I wasn’t really tempted to go out in the garden to look for new inspiration. But the rain actually gave me the idea of doing something with water this week. After kicking leaves I thought about letting the little one kick her feet in some water, but it’s way to cold for an activity like this. That just has to wait until it is a wee bit warmer again.

Last Monday our daughter started to really push up on her arms during tummy time. This is a big milestone for her and will make tummy time heaps more interesting from now on. Therefore I wanted to offer her an activity during tummy time: a water pad – or to be precise: a beetroot water pad.

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