Trial camping trip

Two weekends ago we celebrated our little ones 6 month / half year birthday. Can anyone tell me how it’s possible that it has been half a year already since the birth of our daughter?? Time really flies! I have been thinking quite a lot about how our birth was, due to reading other peoples birth stories, and I’m still really happy about the choices we were able to make (having a home birth). It would be a little off topic for this blog, but perhaps one day I’ll tell you a little more about our birth story as I think it’s been a beautiful one.

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After all the holiday craziness it’s been really nice to get back into a good routine with my little one. Even though we have been out and about meeting friends, going swimming and so on we’ve also been at home a lot more and started a nice morning routine.

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Feeling sand, water and grass

I think this is the first time ever in my life that I have been looking forward to the end of the holidays. Well, it’s also been our first holiday with our little one and that meant that we didn’t have much of a routine and there were lots of late nights chatting away to our visitors. We did enjoy this first holiday and our daughter was more than happy about all the extra attention, but it has been great to get back to a routine this week and to catch up on some much needed sleep.

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Toe toe sensory activity

This weekend we are relaxing in the Marlborough Sounds at a friends holiday house (he calls it a bach but we call it a mansion) before the craziness of Christmas will hit us. As I’m typing this post, I’m enjoying the quiet morning after I’ve fed my little girl and tucked her back into bed with her dad. The sun is peeking through some clouds and is making the water of the sea sparkle. I’m feeling very grateful right now that we can live in this beautiful country!

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Shells on a string

Only two more weeks until Christmas and the weather is getting warmer and sunnier every day as it’s supposed to in our part of the hemisphere. Except for yesterday when the weather couldn’t quite decide what to do. If you looked towards the sea the sky was a stunning blue but if you looked towards the mountains it was black with rain clouds. At least this way it felt a little more like our traditional cold Christmas that we are used to from Germany.

Even after 7 years in New Zealand I’m still not quite used to warm weather at Christmas and every year I’m relying on cold and rainy days during December to get me in a bit more of a Christmas-like mood. I do like Summer though – a lot – and I’m looking forward to long days, BBQs and visits to the beach.

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What is a “learning workshop”?

I had this great idea for a new toy made out of shells. But unfortunately I was only able to go to the beach yesterday to look for some that are suitable. Hubby and the little one came along and it ended up being a really nice family affair with picnic under the trees and a stroll along the beach. And then I was all good to go until my husband urged me to do this a bit more properly and make sure it’s actually a good idea. This will involve some time so I can test this new toy and wait and see if the shells begin to smell bad even though I will be boiling them to get them clean. So stay tuned because fingers crossed I can show you a great toy next week.

For today though I decided to tell you a bit more information about “learning workshops” as the basic principles are what this blog and my ideas are based on.

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Teething relief

It’s been a bit of a crazy week at our house. First of all hubby has been sick all week long, now I’m sick and then the little one seems to be starting to teeth – I thought we would have a bit longer until then…

The beginning of the week has also been incredibly hot! It didn’t even really cool down during the night which is very unusual for New Zealand. Therefore the little one spent her days mostly naked on her play mat.

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Apple tree

It is only about half a year ago that we bought our first house. One of the reasons why we fell in love with this place is the pretty big backyard including a massive apple tree. Even though the apples didn’t look like much – they were very small and green – they actually tasted delicious and I’m already looking forward to autumn when our tree will be full of apples again.

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